Medusa's Fury Buffs STILL not dropping off after update

After the recent update, Medusa's fury buffs still do not drop off completely after an autoblock. This has been a issue for like a month or more and has not been fixed.

IOS 12, iPhone 7 Plus

Video proof:

Please address this ASAP. It just comes off looking like you only care about fixing bugs that lose you money. This bug forces people to spend more in AW. And buffing Juggernaut instead of addressing this just reinforced that.


  • DragonFire2DragonFire2 Posts: 181
    I wasn’t able to get a picture but same thing happened in a quest the other day. She got to 3, and then auto blocked, but only lost one or two of the furies sometimes...
  • Hey there, the team is currently aware of this issue and are working on getting it resolved. We are currently tracking this issue here and will post updates here as we have new information to share.
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