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6* dupe not giving any shards

Why are no 6* shards awarded if you dupe a 6* character? If you dupe a good 6* character like Void, IMIW, Domino, etc it isn’t as big of a deal. But after sending at least 1-3 months to save enough shards for a 6* crystal only to dupe a character like Deadpool X-Force, Ironfist, Thor Jane Foster, etc it is extremely demotivating. Duping any 6* is more rare than duping a 4* or 5* so not only should 6* shards be added, but it should be at least double the shards you get from a 5* dupe (so 550). I get that bad pulls happen (a lot) but at least with a dupe of a 5* champ that isn’t great you get 6* shards out of it. Oh and while your at it, the amount of gold you get from a 6* dupe should also be increased to at least 250k.


  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,368 ★★★★
    When you dupe a 2 star, you get three star shards
    3 star- 4 star shards
    and so on...
    there are no 7 stars in the game(and I hope there will never be) so you don't get shards for it. Also why would you getthe same shards for opening a crystal. If I dupe a four star, why would I get more 4 star shards
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