About to start the EQ. Anything I need to know?

I know there is another Adaptoid that is causing fits, and I've heard some complaints about SS.

Anything else?

Pointers or tips on those two?


  • uthy99uthy99 Posts: 35
    edited October 2018
    I did symbiote strange on master with r4 4* and literally one shot him without being hit once with modok. So really the golden symbiote is the hardest, expect to use some items on him.

    The ‘Plagued Mind’ on the symbiote causes you to receive massive damage every 30 seconds.
  • Supremeguy95Supremeguy95 Posts: 432
    Try to do the lower difficilties first to get katalysts to rank up your symbioid. He'll help a lot with the enhancements. The Golden symbioid is a real pain. For SS try bringing champs that don't activate buffs and try not to dex too much as he has a mystic dispersion node.
  • RogerRabsRogerRabs Posts: 406 ★★★
    There's a bugged Medusa that you have to fight 21x if you do Heroic, Master, and Epic this month.

    Kabam knew about Medusa's bug and still kept her there.
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