What are the most challenging fights you've beaten in occult labs?

TheSquish671TheSquish671 Posts: 2,877 ★★★★★
One of mine is a duped OG vision on power reserve and aspect of war. My intercepting sucks and after 50 seconds he was both unblockable and unstoppable for the rest of the fight.

What are some of the tough fights you guys have beaten?


  • CapWW2CapWW2 Posts: 2,901 ★★★★
    Abomination. Had to quit the map. I forgot to put a poison immune in my team.
  • DTMelodicMetalDTMelodicMetal Posts: 2,799 ★★★★★
    Epic Cyclops
  • Arus25Arus25 Posts: 158
    Any champs with this nodes

    Before the champs can run to meet each other. SP3 appear.
  • MonasouMonasou Posts: 142
    Had to fight electro in epic. His regular abilities at that level hurt enough.
  • DTMelodicMetalDTMelodicMetal Posts: 2,799 ★★★★★
    edited October 2018
    Had a nightmare of a fight today. Epic Wasp with aspect of evolution, buffet, power shield, and 1 less important effect. 4/55 Crossbones was ready to smash but the game lagged right as I baited Wasp’s heavy attack by holding block and which almost KOed Crossbones.

    I had to use shallow evades to prevent dexterity activating buffet while aspect of evolution increased Wasp’s attack, armor, critical rating, critical resistance, block penetration, power rate, and ability accuracy each time Wasp filled a bar of power. The more Wasp filled a bar of power the less damage my champions’ special attacks did which worked against power shield. After this I’m very curious to see how a 5/65 max sig ability Wasp would do on node 30 in tier 1-5 AW.
  • DoonxDoonx Posts: 172
  • issamaf80issamaf80 Posts: 1,479 ★★★
    infinity War Iron Man On Stun Immune And Armor Up Node And 300℅ more Health and damage
  • TheSquish671TheSquish671 Posts: 2,877 ★★★★★
    issamaf80 wrote: »
    infinity War Iron Man On Stun Immune And Armor Up Node And 300℅ more Health and damage

    Do labs even have direct health and attack increasing nodes as random nodes? I don't recall getting any besides the global ones and indirect ones like counter tactics.
  • DoctorJDoctorJ Posts: 842 ★★★
    None since I cant be arsed to do them 🤷‍♂️
  • ẞlооdẞlооd Posts: 1,746 ★★★★
    Almost got me boys
  • PrinceIndiaPrinceIndia Posts: 49
    Not playing such game
  • Electro in the first node, power start 2, resistor, prove your worth, and that degen when not hitting for 6 sec and aspect of death.
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