Prestige 8033 Looking for ally/officer

My prestige is 8033 and I have completed 100% LOL and act 5. I can take any aw path except 7 with zero/min deaths. I'm looking for an officer roll or a timetable to be promoted to one. Been playing the game for 3 year with experience as an officer and leader.I contributed to managing treasury and assisted in AW placements. If you are interested pls leave your line Id and little bit about your alliance. Thanks


  • Omair66Omair66 Posts: 33
    Look for legendarykiller in game and sent request ill join u in my ally
  • BRJ2002BRJ2002 Posts: 83
    @Sanders20 hit me up. Same in game and line ID. We’re top of gold 1 about to be plat 3. 5x5 and string war push. Lost one guy, strong team that’s primed to succeed.
  • BRJ2002BRJ2002 Posts: 83
  • We are 20m alliance. Last 3 season result: Plat 3, Plat 2 and Plat 3.
    we are currently Plat 3 but pushing to Plat 2 at least.
    Aq Map 5x5 and place around 250.

    Line ID: Reirei_01
  • KondKond Posts: 4
    Hit me up on line kond91. @Sanders20 j056iejdqjcc.png
  • Patchie93Patchie93 Posts: 1,490 ★★★

    Lets chat and maybe look into a time line
  • We are a chilled alliance looking for a new officer.. if interested msg me in line app - su132raj
  • Sanders20Sanders20 Posts: 16
    Still looking after season end. Ready to make the move
  • StauntonStaunton Posts: 764
    Badboyboo... thats my line id. Add me. Gold1 alliance
  • @Sanders20 would you be interested in help building as an officer?
  • Sanders20Sanders20 Posts: 16
    @KDTrippe ,building as the ally... yes. The purpose is to help the ally and member be successful. Gold or platinum tier only.
  • Line name Bdgoodrum
    In game name bossman Bd
    Check us out through my ign and if your interested contact me on line. Cheers
  • Mcram13Mcram13 Posts: 74
    @Sanders20 add mcram13 on line to chat. Plat3, 55th in AQ RUNNING 3 days map 6
  • Fishman13579Fishman13579 Posts: 93
    Gold 1, AQ 554x5, we are looking to replace an officer that's taking a break. Contact me on Line @ Fishman13579. That's also my ign if you'd like to see the alliance. We've steadily grown over the last few months with the same group.
  • Gold 1, AQ 33555
    LINE: mattcarna
  • JFortJFort Posts: 101
    14.5 mil Gold 1 ally, I really need another skilled officer to help my group get to the next level. Alliance tag is BFMZ and my line ID is jfortner627, hit me up!
  • JFortJFort Posts: 101
    Also, we finished around the middle of Gold 1 this season, so Platinum 3 is definitely attainable if we tighten things up a bit. I don’t have that many officers so I’m sure you would be a huge help. We also normally score around 130 mil in aq, but that’s about to go up since I’ve added some higher prestige players lately.
  • Bruce12342Bruce12342 Posts: 209
    @Sanders20 line curtleturtle

    We’re top of plat 1 shooting for masters next season
  • SchmitrnSchmitrn Posts: 100
    @Sanders20 hit me up on line id: schmitrn for a chat if your still looking. Prove what you say above and natural progression would make you an officer here.
  • CentrifugeCentrifuge Posts: 90
    Top 250 [email protected] 5x5, plat 3 alliance looking for 1 with potential to be an officer. Should be able to get to plat 2 next season. Alliance tag DMUN. Hit me up on line centrifuge.
  • Samsungpro999Samsungpro999 Posts: 124
    Top 200 AQ tag SH B AW tier 3 2.4k WR Plat 3 was close pushing for plat 2 or 3 next 1
  • Bigslick631Bigslick631 Posts: 100
    @Sanders20 hey man. 20mil ally looking for two solid new members with potential officer promotion in the near future. Season 4 AW - platinum 2. With a couple changes and a couple new solid members we can easily hit Platinum 1. Hit me up on line if interested. Bigslick631
  • ShaaneneganShaanenegan Posts: 43
    666shan666. Find me.
  • ctp1223ctp1223 Posts: 268
    Line: ctp1223

    Ranked plat 3 169 and AQ 151
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