A question to you who play with the Recoil mastery

Just one small question. Is it worth it?
Sounds great with an extra 30% sp damage but I’m not sure about the health sacrifice. If you have to fire a few sp1 you might die fast?


  • Kobster84Kobster84 Posts: 2,493 ★★★★
    Magik can use recoil well I think
  • ManChildManChild Posts: 583 ★★★
    Magik deals with it well. Any regen champ can handle it fine. The best use is in war. You just nuke the defender and heal up after.
  • DrownedGodDrownedGod Posts: 225
    I used it for quite awhile, full suicides actually. In the end I wasnt worth it to me unless I simply used specials sparingly or saved a special as a fight ender.

    I'm sure I could go back to recoil only but I haven't missed the added bump to specials.
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