Looking to rebuild our adult alliance

We are a very solid core of adults who are on almost all day. We cut our slack that wasn't contributing to build a stronger alliance. Currently we are in war tier 9 and do map 4 each day for AQ. Duels and completion are required. All other events are optional. We will be moving up to map 5 for AQ once we are full again. Line is require

Contact me in game or on Line at jclark3168


  • BogamboBogambo Posts: 5
    Still looking?
  • Jclark3168Jclark3168 Posts: 28
    Yes we are
  • What is your "full strength" capable of do you feel?
  • Jclark3168Jclark3168 Posts: 28
    What we ideally want is to be able to do map 5,5,5,3,3 and clear all 3 battle groups. Still doing war and getting back to 5* shards in the process. Hitting SA every week. We aren't much of arena grinders but we do what we need to for donations. We are a fun group that like to joke around and have fun while playing
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