Fastest champs to recover from a special attack

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A lot of people messed up because of this. And that includes me. Some champs will intercept you if you dashed in after they use special attacks. Please share some of your experiences regarding to this to raise awareness lol. Mine is Magneto’s L1. Especially if you’re far enough lol


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    war machine, moon knight
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    I've seen them get up in a second or less and blast me, or use their 3rd sometimes I am completely out of their range or they intercept me with one when I'm coming into kill them especially when they constantly end up with 1% ( not just mephisto kabam)

    It's been pretty bad for awhile now, tons of threads, posts about this and the other issues involving the ai and all we get is we're looking at it and don't know when or with fix it
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    war machine, moon knight
    Block first hit of moon knight and evade second, then you can intercept

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    Tip for attacking a recovering magneto- throw a light attack after the slap, but before the metal projectile. It brings you closer to him, so when you dodge the projectile you will still be close enough to retaliate.
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    The fastest is IMIW, it's so frustrating.
    Killmonger's True Strike does not work on him (the synergy's True Strike still works though)
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    Kang's sp2
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