Challenger rating working properly?

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Tell me again how this helps to balance the game? The idea that my champions stats get nerfed anytime I fight an opponent ranked higher than me is just preposterous. Isn't that what class advantage is for? If you're fighting an opponent ranked higher than you it is already an uphill battle. Adding challenger rating just takes that uphill battle, and puts someone at the top of the hill constantly throwing down marbles.

Maybe someone has a better explanation on how it helps to balance the game, but from where I'm sitting it was only introduced to tip the scales, and 95% of the time it's in the A.I.'s favor. I’m also noticing it seems to have an affect in regards to ability accuracy but I believe it was stated when it was introduced that it should not.

Saw my previous post was closed with no explanation so figured I’d try again. A little outdated but whatever.


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    To this day i still think CR was an uncalled move to the game. It doesnt balance in fact its unbalance especially facing max 6 in uncollected event quests.
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    It's a metric designed solely to punish skill.
  • Seems no way they can do away
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    So you will stop using your sig 99 5/50 Scarlet Witch against 5-star and 6-star champions
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    It was a way for them to increase the difficulty of the game and put a premium on materials to rank up champions and place a premium on 5, 6 star champions.

    It has the consequence of making our 1, 2, and 3* champs obsolete. Perhaps that was intentional.

    Champ rating is imo the worst thing ever implemented in this game.
  • Hey There OP,

    We've explained the purpose of Challenger Rating, and how it works here:

    This is a very common system in many games, and although they usually go by different names, or is a completely hidden stat, is a necessary one, especially since we no longer have ranks of Abilities (like Bleed, etc.).
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