Best way to get ISO?

I have the T5B, and i know how to slowly ramp up T4CC and Gold... but lowkey having trouble bring that ISO stash up.

Can anyone give me any advice please :)?



  • SknZnSknZn Posts: 437 ★★★
    Grind arena get shards phc whatever rank rewards 4* shards open crystals and hope that’s gonna be dupe.
  • Jestr54Jestr54 Posts: 344
    Probably act4. Mid area. Paths aren’t long and the iso8’s are decent
  • SuperSam57SuperSam57 Posts: 325
    Arena, get them shards and dupe your champs. Playing story mode just for generic ISO will cost you more gold when ranking and excessive energy. Might as well earn gold, battle chips, and shards all at the same time.
  • DingaloDingalo Posts: 355
    Awesome guys, thanks so much! @SknZn @Jestr54 @SuperSam57 @Kabam Pertinax
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