Rank Down Tickets!!!

Many Of Us Wanted To Change Meta Of Own Roster!!
Should You Want ?

Rank Down Tickets!!! 29 votes

Yes I Want!!
mum_m2Manup456mr_brown1Irakli2Havoc_InfinitySavio444ShaheerFIazfaizmunPeterQuillChampioncriticPaytoPlayMitchell35Mr_ZCiqMCOCsickboy9Blizzard_27_KormoNaeem_25Paverlord 19 votes
No I Don't Want!!
cx23433Maldroit2Jeramy6815TheSquish671 4 votes
Not Interested!!
Haji_SaabRCunhaRehan010_AngusMac279MrBanksMidnite93 6 votes


  • OneManArmyOneManArmy Posts: 1,982 ★★★★
    Pls stop..
  • TheSquish671TheSquish671 Posts: 2,858 ★★★★★
    No I Don't Want!!
    We've already had the daily RDT thread
  • ChampioncriticChampioncritic Posts: 2,658 ★★★★
    edited October 2018
    Yes I Want!!
    I don't mind having rdt, but i'm not going to cry for one over every single minute thing kabam decides to do.
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