17mil ally looking for 1 5x5 AQ top 350 gold 1 the can handled most path.

So here's the deal with us. We are drama free as I won't tolerate it and I've seen enough in my time to not want it around. Also we are a 5x5 ally who completes 100% of the time. We could use another strong player like what I think you might be to help us be closer to perfect. As far as requirements we're pretty easy to deal with. As long as you put forth full effort in AQ and AW We lay off on the rest. Donations need to be in weekly and we're currently at
100k Gold
25k battle
10k loyalty

You'd be hard pressed to find a better group of guys and to find a group that's more fun than ours. All that said we will have an opening after this week's AQ and would love if you'd join us.
Line ID bigces-
In game bigces-


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