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Need map5 alliance, AQ rank 451-800

Hello, I am an experienced map 5x5 player and always clear my paths with zero item use all 5 days. I am not a boss killer but usually am able to kill dormamu on uptill day 3 single handedly.
My prestige is 4400+ with top champs as dr voodoo, quake, starlord, rogue and gwenpool.
All champs are duped at really high sig levels.
Need an alliance that ranks between 451-800.
I have good defence for war with all r4 duped champs. For mastery i have MD, Assassin at 5/5 and bleed at 4/5.
Also a big arena grinder with always getting 1-10% bracket rewards.
Contact me on LINE: ajaved11


  • dfresh81dfresh81 Posts: 49
    whats up we are in need of a player after this round of aq we are 9 mil alliance and teir 2 in war rating in 1900's. hit me through game dfresh81 or on line at dfresh81. and yes we run map 5 all week and rank around 600
  • AjavedAjaved Posts: 50
  • AjavedAjaved Posts: 50
  • AjavedAjaved Posts: 50
  • Fails69Fails69 Posts: 14
    We are a 5 mil ally
    We have 2 battle groups that clear map5
    BG3 needs a couple of actives to clear too.

    Ally tag is FFA.

    Line ID and game name - Fails69
  • AustinkrAustinkr Posts: 38
    Still looking
    we are a 7.7 mil alliance looking to replace a retiring member
    Map5 all week
    We had 20 map5 crystals
    And 1 map 6 for AQ rewards this week
  • AustinkrAustinkr Posts: 38
    Line and game id is austinkr
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