As we continue to work to address ongoing issues regarding Parry and Evade, we will be extending the Week 4 Quest of the Summer of Pain and its Solo Objectives by 1 week to better allow you to complete this content. This will not result in next week's content being delayed.


Ghost was supposed to be added into the basic pool today, what time do they usually get added? I figured it would be at 1pm EST but I’m not seeing the announcement.

Any insight would be awesome



  • Hey there, Ghost has been added to the basic pool. Whenever we add a Champ to that pool, we make an announcement on the home screen of the game, so feel free to keep an eye out there for updates about when Champions are added.
  • Count_WillisCount_Willis Posts: 41
    Right thanks! I was looking right after the rollover and didn’t see it, I do see it now, thank you for the reply! :)

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