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Thanks Kabam - cheaters should be banned

Xthea9Xthea9 Posts: 829 ★★
Forum is flooded with the question and it's surprisingly people asking or worried about account sharing, I think a lot of people were sharing the accounts , and this sudden message from game team was a surprise for them , let's face it if you have done it u know it , then why asking same questions in the forum, it's simple if you share u get banned , if you use third party apps , u get banned , if you cheat by any means u get banned , that's actually good for all , this is fair , so stop questioning and play the game with fair rules and enjoy.
Thanks Kabam for tacking action on cheats. Kudos!!


  • Xthea9Xthea9 Posts: 829 ★★
    Lol .... wow I am surprised that people still playing innocent face game , again kudos to Kabam team ...
  • WafflesalldayWafflesallday Posts: 189
    So true!
  • GunzoGunzo Posts: 719 ★★
    That's what those cheaters get!!!One of them said Kabam can't stop them from hacking, I have faith in Kabam once again
  • HazemHazem Posts: 243
    It's funny, someone was beating everything in the game with only 1 r5..70k total rating lvl 50...beat ROL, LOL, 5.2 and web-slinger challenge, he even had the stark spidey duped...told him yesterday "prepare urself for the ban" and he got what he deserves, thanks kabam
  • X_ScottX_Scott Posts: 732 ★★★
    Damn right! This is awesome Kabam!
  • ZappZapp Posts: 69
    Today, I just came to the forums to see all the cheaters whine and cry. I have to say, I wasn't dissapointed. That crackdown was MORE then necessary. If anything, Kabam should do this more often.

    So from all the honest players that pay good money on this game: Thank you Kabam.
  • Oesername123Oesername123 Posts: 253 ★★★
    Great job Miike, Ad0ra and the entire Kabam team
  • LucienLucien Posts: 3
    Well done, Kabam, it was a bit late, but you finally did it, yes, I will buy your whatever on sale next time, and will spend more
  • ImranAzharImranAzhar Posts: 34
    Appreciate Kabam for this effort. I am currently in an alliance where i have been loyal for more than a year. The guys are decent some of them haven been playing for more than 2 years and don't even have rank 5 four star yet. It is all fair but seeing those cheaters finishing the hard without breaking a sweat make us wonder does Kabam even care about the playing community. Now with these effort you showing us you really care. Thanks again Kabam.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 28,391 ★★★★★
    I don't really take joy in someone else's pain, not that I'm judging anyone for being happy. I will say that I feel bad for the people who were led to believe it's acceptable, and the ones that just didn't know. For the people that knew the rules, not so much.
  • Major3dMajor3d Posts: 3
    Mehn i saw someone on lv 15 with 3 five* witch made me open new account, i taught kabam was giving biginners a helping hand, but no they cheat and calls us noobs, well that serves them right
  • KiffKiff Posts: 1
    Thank you Kabam! Appreciate what you have done!
  • IvankaIvanka Posts: 236
    Also Kabam very VERY IMPORTANT!!! Compensate those who were cheated out of arena rewards! There are so many cheaters in Beginner Bracket, I have reported many of them, about 80-90% of the top 50 for the Spider-man arena were cheaters. I'm not exaggerating. These players should be banned... but ALSO you need to give compensation to those who finished out of the top 50 because of cheaters. If someone was playing for real and placed 53rd, they should be awarded the featured champion. THEY EARNED IT!!! Otherwise expect that these players who probably spent a lot to get ahead will never spend on your game again. Expect a lot of bad reviews, too. It would be such an easy problem to fix... just recalculate the arena results minus the cheaters. So easy.Why don't you do this??
  • RotmgmoddyRotmgmoddy Posts: 916 ★★★
    I don't really take joy in someone else's pain, not that I'm judging anyone for being happy. I will say that I feel bad for the people who were led to believe it's acceptable, and the ones that just didn't know. For the people that knew the rules, not so much.

    Well yea, but I guess that's just a consequence of not reading the TOS and rules properly. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • XFSaXFSa Posts: 5
    Thanks Kabam for banning cheaters. I have more faith in Kabam now, and will continue to play this game as long as I can...Love this game from the beginning.
  • AppieAppie Posts: 99
    yay lower those arena scores ban all the botters!
  • VavasourVavasour Posts: 258
    This is why I never participated in arenas. This has actually opened up a whole new part of the game for me.

    Thanks Kabam!
  • BeholdKTBeholdKT Posts: 14
    I agree. Good riddance.
  • Xthea9Xthea9 Posts: 829 ★★
    If you see the forum, the questions people are asking, to me they are still looking for a gap so that they continue cheating, it's simple if you are not skilled to play the game , practice more and over the period of time you will get better and you will enjoy , when I stated playing this game , I saw ROL (beyond hope) and truly it's beyond my hopes , I thought I will never get through with that ,but recently I finished ROL , not a one clean shot , but I failed twice at wolverine and then you tube videos and suggestions from alliance friends, I get it through, and after completing ROL , I felt really good ,like I have achieved something, trust me you don't want to lose that feel by just outsourcing your game to someone. Play for fun , enjoy the game life, is always full of BS so don't make it worse.
  • A_Noob_Is1A_Noob_Is1 Posts: 762 ★★
    This was hilarious, even funnier than the rant pages about 12.0
  • Mcord11758Mcord11758 Posts: 1,249 ★★★★
    You know what I have found to be an interesting exercise, going back to old alliances and or mates to see if people have been banned. Have to say a couple people have shocked me
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