Where is the Champions Clash?

Weren’t we supposed to have an occult labs type event during 21.0 launch?


  • Primmer79Primmer79 Posts: 2,631
    Come one, come all! In this new and totally original (and not stolen) Quest designed by one of the smartest minds in The Contest: The Champion! Battle your way through this gauntlet style quest where you’ll fight paths of 5 foes and fight the ultimate competitor at the end. None other than The Champion!

    Take a swing through this variation of the regular Champion Challenge featuring the new EPIC difficulty, which requires Summoners to fight the gauntlet from start to finish"

    Sounds like a boss rush. Also in another thread they said later in the month.
  • Hey there, the Champion's Clash will be coming later in the month. We'll update everyone with more info as we get closer to it.
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