ÆGON removing Indestructible

After dying with Archangel I went to finish off Ægon with LC by tanking a hit and then parry-combo killing him cause he was THAT close. I take the first hit and my indestructible doesn’t last as long as it should basically being ignored.

Can anyone find a reason for such a thing?


  • Was it a blocked hit that caused you to die?
  • Can confirm this. Did NOT block, and Aegon IGNORED indestrctible.
  • ShrimkinsShrimkins Posts: 1,189
    after 500 persistent charges he has 100% AAR which would stop indestructible from triggering.
  • He was less than 200 I believe in my example. Could be wrong. I had him down to 2% health with AA in one go, then LC to finish, there's no way he got to 500 in that time.
  • Themis_xwsthsThemis_xwsths Posts: 194
    edited November 2018
    His signature ability (if i understand it correctly) could have multiplied the combo between the fights. As a result, he could have reached 500 at that time...
  • I died a couple times with him. Then it was all Intercept. Parry won't help at that point.
  • Buffet, removes indestructible.
  • G0311G0311 Posts: 688
    He also removed iceman'S armor and coldsnap
  • It is likely the buffet node.
  • Would you be able to tell us what difficulty you were playing on at the time? This could help us figure out if any node buffs were involved. Also, would you be able to tell us what the sig level of Luke Cage was at the time?
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