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Proven and Conquered titles.

Avengerboy99Avengerboy99 Posts: 99
edited November 2018 in General Discussion
These are two of the three new titles introduced recently in MCOC, which we get by completing ACT 2, 3 & 4. I have completed till ACT 4, and I don't have those titles, while I saw a lot of people did. Do I have to do something to get the title or would I get it automatically. Please help.


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    Avengerboy99Avengerboy99 Posts: 99
    Nevermind. Just read the thread about the title. Please ignore. Apologies.
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    Yes you will get them automatically. I believe in the post they said it could take some time before everyone gets there titles.
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    Maldroit2Maldroit2 Posts: 739 ★★★
    They said to wait a while. I can wait.
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    Hey there, we're working on getting everyone their titles over the course of the coming weeks. There are a lot of players involved in this so it may take some time, but they will get to all qualified players eventually.
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