Daily player who grinds heavily F2P looking for alliance

Yo guys, so my situation is that I’m a player who grinds every aspect of the game heavily and my current alliance across the board doesn’t participate in many things enough e.g arena for the arena wins event and villian use etc and I’m always finding myself top of the boards in score when I’m definitely not the best player there as I’m a few months into the game but my mindset makes it that I’m ahead of my teammates scores when they should be surpassing me. My total base hero rating is around 62k and I’d love to be in an alliance where everybody grinds the game as much/more than me so that everybodies rewards are maxed as I’ve found myself missing out on alliance event rewards since others aren’t scoring easy points

Would appreciate any comments on your alliances that would want to recruit a player like myself


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    Here’s an example of what I mean when I say I’m outwcoring teammates by a fair amount when everybody should be reaching scores like this and beyond since i only run 2 Villians in my questing team and the only other use they get is in arena
  • Sairam44Sairam44 Posts: 228
    Can you accept silver 1 alliance
  • Sairam44Sairam44 Posts: 228
    If yes the supreme is. There for you
  • TacoDougTacoDoug Posts: 125
    We might be in your zone, just on the more chill side. Message me on line. Kungpaomatthew
  • faizmunfaizmun Posts: 58
    If you're still looking for Alliance, here's my proposal.
    We are always focusing on AW and AQ.
    24/7 Active Group.
    We are Grinder Also.
    Currently We Are On Silver 1 This Season And We Make Sure You Are Also Getting Into It.
    Search For Blackhand tag BMMO or Add me as Friend NEr Parker
    Honestly We Loved To Have You And I'm Sure You Like Us.
  • Appreciate the interest from you fellas but just want to update that I’ve gone with faizmun
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