Gold for Klyntar strands???

I see all these responses saying we would also be receiving gold for selling the symbioid as well as our leftover strands being converted to gold. Just noticed today that they were gone, however I did not receive any gold. Anyone else???


  • You know what, they did disappear an I don't think I received anything for my strands.

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    @Kabam Vydious
  • Maybe they have to calculate as everyone would have different strands left? Also, they never said how much Gold each strand would be worth. I'm hoping 1000 Gold would be reasonable
  • Hey there!

    To clear confusion, we converted the Strands to a 1:1 Gold ratio on Nov 8th. If you believe you didn't receive that, please contact our support team. You can do so by selecting the gear icon in the upper left corner of the main screen within the game. From there, scroll and click 'Support'.
  • Kobster84Kobster84 Posts: 2,018
    1:1 yay I got an extra 12 gold
  • 1:1.... really?
    I have to grind for days to get enough battlechips for gold just to rank a 5*. Might as well have just taken them than throw us some crumbs.
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    My bad! I gave the wrong information on this one.

    The strands are 100x Gold per.
    The Klyntar Katalysts are 1x Gold per.

    As for the rest of the items:

    1000x Gold for lvl 1 boosts
    1200x Gold for lvl 2 boosts
    1500x Gold for lvl 3 boosts

    Apologies on the misinformation, gang.
  • KOSHKOSH Posts: 10
    How do I know if I got any? Why not using an in game message?
  • Strange ratios, but cool, I’ll take some free gold!
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