Can the witch nullify Cage's indestructible with her 3rd special?

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Because that's what happened to me. Map 2 AQ (because we're retired). Witch mini boss. Just kept going at her since I hadn't taken a hit and pushed her to her sp3. Sat back and waited to see the meter not budge, and I got whacked down to about 10%. Had a big WTF moment. Still finished her. And it's map 2 so not the biggest deal. Just annoyed at more things being broken in the game. Annoying enough to keep going into the monthly quest and seeing it listed as new even though I'm 80% done. Or it keep taking me to UC when I'm finishing master.

This game is years old and just annoying to see things like this be broken. God forbid it be someone doing map 5 or 6 and that happened. Map 2, that was the most damage I've taken almost 5 days combined outside of dying on purpose to use pots for item use.


  • My recollection is Luke Cage's indestructible was always susceptible to nullify. I believe SW can knock it off of LC with even regular attacks much less SP3. And I do not believe this is a bug: the indestructible buff blocks damage but it is a normal active buff and can be affected like other active buffs.
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    sw is guranteed to nullify all buffs with sp3, and lc indestructible is no exception. I do find it weird that it didn't tank the sp3, because it's supposed to activate the first time he would have taken damage, and sw is supposed to nullify after the sp3...or maybe i assumed wrong all along, and sw nullifies all buffs "before" the actual sp3, if that makes sense.
  • crogscrogs Posts: 287 ★★
    That's kind of what I thought. It'd be an after thing, not during. First time I encountered it. Haven't used him much until he got to R3 and soon to R4.
  • Even ST can bypass it.
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