Early game character buffs

I don’t know about you but I personally believe that the original characters shouldn’t be worse than the new ones, like original Spider-Man to Spider-Man stark enhanced, or captain America original to IW cap, or original Ironman to Iw iron man. I feel like they deserve buffs and I need to go work at kabam to do it I would. Anyone else feel like this?


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    I’m not saying I want the characters to be gods but I want them to be where they aren’t where your disappointed to get them as a character.
  • Unfortunately its part of the game. If the new ones weren't better, no one would buy them.

    Thankfully they're buffing them, just slowly. Red Hulk and Cage were great buffs. Winter Soldier I believe was a great buff but I don't remember a lot of him before. And venom was a great buff. We just need to see more of it.
  • Agreed
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    Yea maybe starting with magneto
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