Science T4 Class Cat daily quest did not refresh



  • Confirmed Mystic Catalyst has carried over the same result as Science. Quest completed without playing it.
  • EndymioNEndymioN Posts: 64
    to think they had a master plan would be a plus, but at this point i think this is just incompetence wih the game getting swarmed with bugs and zero progress in fixing them. probably their time is being spent on making new money deals lol, maybe they start fixing the game when we actually leave the game.
  • KisrozsdiKisrozsdi Posts: 3
    Bump. Are they going to compensate us or something? I tried writing to support but they only read the subject, send me a pre-written mail that they get a lot of reports about this and close my case.
    And all I want in the meantime is to rank up my cap iw...
  • Apologies for the inconvenience with relation to this issue. Since it has been resolved this thread will be closed.
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