Black widow ability accuracy issue

I am using a r4 4* sig level 60 black widow with a 64.55% ability accuracy fighting classic spider man which should give me an extra 15% for class advantage taking me to 79.55%. In addition to this I am also using her with hawkeye AND quake which EACH give her an additional 15% taking her ability accuracy to 109.55% and yet he still evades her attacks? Can a mod please tell me if and how this is working as intended? This is in a normal quest with no extras, no buffs.

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    There are a couple of things going on.

    1)The 15% from synergy is multiplicative so it is 64.55 *1.15 =x
    2)The bonus against science is a flat 15 so x + 15.
    3) BWs ability accuracy is 100%, her potency is 64.55% which is modified only by the synergy with Quake which gives increases to ability potency. The ability accuracy that HE brings does nothing for BWs signature ability.

    64.55*1.15+15=x will give you the final Signature ability of BW with potency bonus against science.
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    No where in the description does it mention her potency, only accuracy. If her accuracy is 100% then that means 100%. If it's something different then the game team needs to address the text and clarify.
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    Can game team address this?
  • A viúva precisa de um buff claro de 10% em sutileza
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    Some examples:

    - "Potency" means the overall strength of the status effect. A stun will last longer, and have higher chance to activate if not already at 100%. That means Quake's aftershock charges will deal more damage, have higher chance to stun the opponent and so on. Blackwidow's subtlety is also affected by this if you don't already have it at signature level 99.

    Meanwhile, Hawkeye's synergy works for the entire team that you bring. That one just affects the accuracy of status effects. That means abilities like Hawkeye's Hemorrhage also status effects like Black Panther's CW Armor ups will trigger more often. Hope you guys have fun with this new synergy!

    Ability accuracy reduction applies to both offensive and defensive abilities. Synergy is 15% of the current value... 85% Subtlety * 1.15 = 97.75%
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