3 tickets I've sent into the support team since last night and still no response I swear you guys need to fix this stuff!!


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    If I come on here and say bad things about the company or be "unconstructive" then you guys try to ban me or put me in forum jail instantly let's see how long it takes you to actually try to help me with my issue
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    I wont hokd my breath because I'm sure you got some generic response to me
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    You know your support ticket isnt the only one submitted right? It can take 24-48 hrs to get a response. Sounds like you need to learn some patience.
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    You do know the forum has zero to do with tickets, right?

    It's like calling 911 because your cable is out.
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    Yeah I know it's not the point
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    My point is this is something that benefits me and no answer typical kabam
  • InfantryInfantry Posts: 110
    5 tickets in 24 hrs still just a generic response can someone from this stupid company help out!
  • Hey there, if you have already sent in tickets to our support team, they will get back to as soon as they are able to. It can sometimes take time for the support team to investigate an issue and get back to you, especially if they might be receiving a lot of tickets at the time, but they will get to every case and get back to you as quickly as possible.
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