Relocating Parry in the Mastery Tree - Respec Tonight after Scheduled Maintenance


In our ongoing efforts to educate new players on the benefits of Masteries as they join the Contest, we’re going to be making an adjustment to the positioning of Parry in the “Proficiencies” mastery tree.

Instead of being reliant on Unlocking Limber, we’re going to make Limber reliant on the unlocking of Parry. We’re changing the unlock costs for Parry from the previous structure of 3 Stony Cores to unlock Level 1, and 0 Stony Cores for ranks 2 and 3, to a new user friendly structure of 0 Stony Cores for Rank 1, 1 Stony Core for Rank 2, and 2 Stony Cores for Rank 3.

To achieve this, we will have to take some measures similar to the Mystic Dispersion refund.

November 27th 7 pm PST - 29th 10 am PST: We will be locking the ability to Purchase new ranks or Spec in to the Parry Mastery.

This means that if you want to use Parry during this time, you must spec into it before the 27th of November.

November 29th at 10am PST - December 4th at approximately 8pm PST: Parry will be Free for all users to experience!

If you have never tried Parry in the past, this is your time to try it with no Resource Cost at all!

December 4th following Scheduled Maintenance: All Summoners will have the Stony Cores they spent to unlock Parry returned to them, and will be required to re-spec their Masteries if they want to invest in Parry again.

We will send you an in-game message to remind you all of this on the day!

December 4th - December 11th @ 10 am PST: Mastery Respec costs will be free!

Take this opportunity to re-invest in Parry, but also to try out some other Mastery builds that you may not have tried in the past!

That’s all Summoners! This change won’t have much effect on most of you that have been around for a while and have made use of the Parry Mastery before, but this small change will help new Summoners that are just starting their adventures in the Battlerealm to learn more about Masteries, and how they can affect gameplay!
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