Looking for an alliance

I’m looking for an alliance that’s interested in adding me. Looking for active, strong and social alliance. Here is my team for preference:


  • join here:

    My Alliance [ØASÎS] is recruiting now!!
    Looking for members looking to join me to build a great alliance: Guardians of the ØASÎS [ØASÎS] that will hopefully become friends with ØMNÎ. Once we get it going we can grow through the season ranks together, will take some time but we will get there. Looking for mostly skilled players, also join quicker and prove to me you have what it takes to be an officer and I will promote you because I am looking for a special few members that are looking for an officer position and can help run an alliance with me.
    Stone -> Bronze -> Silver -> Gold -> Platinum -> Master (eventually)
    Looking for any members that are preferably active at least once a day and have skills that are looking to build another great alliance: [ØASÎS]
    Join now, or hit me up in-game for more info: GG Budz or GamePlayWorldjr
    Tag: ØASÎS
    Name: Guardians of the ØASÎS
  • Sorry I’m looking for built, established alliances
  • Wow beggars can be choosers...
    Excuse me beggars?
  • Ok but three problems with your comment 1.) it violates the forum rules 2.) I’m the one looking for the alliance not you so I get to choose what I want from an alliance and I saw this alliance and they were a new alliance which I was not looking for 3.) the term that you used: beggar is completely unnecessary and is not constructive if you are not interested in adding me there is no reason for you to make that comment
  • Jestr54Jestr54 Posts: 345
    To elaborate on what he said, your rating is too low for an established alliance. Most of them look for prestige over 4K just because they rather have strong defenders in war, start off w a low alliance. Then build up.
  • Jestr54Jestr54 Posts: 345
    As someone who’s played this for a while, don’t get offended by comments made here in the forum. Trolls will always be around but don’t take it personal.
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