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All these new quests and rank up material. But wheres the Gold???

RixobRixob Posts: 505 ★★
Sooo before you say "Ultrons Assault gives out 2.1m gold" pump the breaks lol. Not everyone has 100% it yet.
& for the folks who can clear but not 100%, or can 100% the first two chapters where is the gold?
Champions clash came out, AW season rewards came out and people are making huge rank ups.
I see people who historically have massive amounts of gold are dipping under 10 and 5m.
The season of giving is upon us! Kabam, im not saying hand us millions of gold, but would it kill you to bring back the gold realm?

Yall are so stingy with the gold its not cool lol.
Oh, and i dont have time to put up more than 3m in arena per round so dont tell me to do more arena lol.


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