Using class specific iso

While upgrading a champion you have to go to your stash to retrieve more iso,,If there was a class specific icon to select only that class iso it would make it much faster to select and upgrade our champions,,such as the way you can click on class specific icon for champs,,mutant,science,cosmic,tech,mystic and basic iso icons would be great


  • DarvDarv Posts: 13
    Sorry forgot skill lol
  • TwmRTwmR Posts: 662 ★★★
    There already is this
  • Captain_NietschCaptain_Nietsch Posts: 481 ★★
    edited December 2018
    You can use the Filter, to sort the ISO and get what you are looking for.
    The icon in the bottom right corner when you are looking at your ISO. It looks like a funnel.
  • DarvDarv Posts: 13
    No kidding I've been playing this game for almost it's whole tenure and never knew this thanks I will check it out
  • DarvDarv Posts: 13
    Thought I was sitting on a great idea thanks again
  • Darv wrote: »
    Thought I was sitting on a great idea thanks again

    Look at it this way: the team here definitely agreed with you about it being a good idea 👍 Hope this helps streamline your upgrading process!
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