6* Elektra

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There’s a lot of outdated material on Elektra.

For an example, she’s not mid-game active; meaning she doesn’t make the changes when a defender becomes immune to bleeding and cause them to armor break; imiw, emma.

She also needs to be updated when it comes to her abilities because they don’t even work properly. I jus fought a colossus with my 6* Elektra and she made him get “immune” to show up.

It’s jus one word, what’s the big deal? We see it everyday sometimes.

The reason why it’s a big deal is because it should never show up against a primary bleed immune. It shows that the code isn’t up to date and the code was trying to send a bleed instead of an armor break on a bleed immune champ.


There’s a lot of great features and creative nodes to this game that make me really appreciate almost every champ more than what I feel the majority does; maybe jus the majority of people who talk? Idk. I try to find what works for champs and not gripe that not every champ is what people say “god-tier”. I enjoy utility and her utility is rare.

But, when I can’t trust her utility because it literally has backward codings, it makes it frustrating

She would be nicer to play if she gets a precision buff when she applies bleed or armor break also. Her ability is to do increase damage so why not gain a precision buff when they activate a special 1 and 2?

Adding a precision buff at the start of a special, and 3-4 furies when a bleed/armor break becomes active and only have the fury active for as long as the bleed and armor break, it would greatly help.

When you add an outdated champ to a 6* newly evolving mcoc world, it is irrational and irresponsible to not update her to the evolving 6* world



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