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T4b arena infinite streak and SP3 AI reaction time

First, is anything has changed in the infinite streak patterns?
I always did the same thing:
1-9 (3* 3/30 and lower)
10-15 (3* 4/40 and 1* low)
16-18 (4* 4/40 and + or 5* 2/35 +)
19-21 (4* 3/30 +)
22+ (Combinations )

I was doing the arena, got to 17, 3x 5* 2/35, deathmatch Void/Blade/Corvus (5* 5/65 dupped), lost.
Start again, reach 17, 3x 5* 2/35...DEATHMATCH again. Same Void/Blade/Corvus (5* 5/65 dupped), but, this time, I've managed to win.


Second, did they changed the AI's reaction time after SP3?
V16.1, they gave us a bit more time to react after a SP3, but, in the last few fights, where I couldn't bait, after the animations, I got pound, no time to block or even try to press sp.
Happen tonight, had Storm fighting RHulk. He built his power to sp3, attack, and when the animations went off, he was pounding me, like in pre 16.1.


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    GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,247 ★★★★★
    There's been another shift in the Arena. I suspect it's because more Champs are being Ranked. It all depends on what's being brought to the pool. A bit concerning for me because it's limiting what we can use more and more. Perhaps in the 5* Featured Arena, that's reasonable. In the Cat Arenas where many people are trying to get essential Resources, that's disconcerting.
    As for the AI, it's becoming harder to Bait, and harder in general. I've noticed the same.
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    ShinobiGuyShinobiGuy Posts: 565 ★★★
    I never use less than 5/50 or 3/45 until round 24. That seems to be the sweet spot.
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    NEO_mr_AndersonNEO_mr_Anderson Posts: 1,075 ★★★
    ShinobiGuy wrote: »
    I never use less than 5/50 or 3/45 until round 24. That seems to be the sweet spot.

    I think u r right. But, before, my pattern always worked.
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    Goldcup7Goldcup7 Posts: 42

    It seems to have changed. I got this at streak 24. I often use two 1/25 5 stars and a 4/40 4 star, but it looks like that might be a thing of the past if this is going to happen. Wondering what I'm gonna do with all my 1/25 5 stars that aren't worth ranking up.
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    djr17djr17 Posts: 651 ★★★
    You can keep it with a 4/40 and 2 1/25's, but they have to be high pi characters. much safer to do 2 4/40s and 1 1/25 if they are low pi.
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    TCRxTCRx Posts: 23
    edited December 2018
    The patterns that lower players use to avoid death squads are rough approximations and are not a guarantee. Even when I am using 5/50 4*s and 3/45 5*s I will occasionally pull a death squad. Granted, with 5/50's and 3/45's these are a lot less likely to be a loss, but it still happens.

    Whenever you sandbag with a lower character to drop your total attacker strength you are risking a bad matchup. It just means starting over and hoping you don't get unlucky twice in a row.
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