Gold 3 AW focused

We are a relaxed friendly alliance running map 3 in AQ and gold 3 in AW in the last season.

About Us:

- Alliance Tag: COF.

- AW: Gold 3

- AQ: Map 3


- Must be active in AQ and AW and able to finish a path in AW without follow ups.

- No Donations

- NO MINIMUMS in any event! We just ask that you do what you can and don't put up a Zero

- No pressure to spend, no giving out of logins, no piloting, everyone plays their own account.

- Use line for communication. Expect members to communicate well

If this sounds like an alliance you are looking for, please contact on line: Byakuya.Sama or Jayshoot1


  • JayshootJayshoot Posts: 102
    Still recruiting! Shoot us a message to see if you’re a good fit!
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