How to use Gold? Or is just for a rank matter?

Sorry about this newbie question. Tried searching here and google, and no answers, only to get rich by inappropriate ways. In game only says it`s used for ISO`s

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    Gold is used for leveling and ranking your champs And later in the game for alliance quest donations it's very important to the game
  • Ok
    So, I can forget to buy any items...

    Thank you, Space Lor....oh sorry, Star Lord.
  • D_S_D_S_ Posts: 159
    You can not buy any in game items with gold 👍
  • Thanks Cosmic Lor..oh Space Lord. (remembering Movie momments)

    Admin may close this or save for future users with this doubt...thanks
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    Profile pictures. :D
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    Sometimes you do use gold to buy items in game, like the rollover things for that really trashy quest ‘occult labs’
  • Use that precious gold to rank up champions! Make sure to take advantage of the gold realms going on right now. If you're a newbie i very much recommend doing them since gold can be an issue once you start getting further in the game. Good luck in the contest

  • Tks everyone!
    Just a comment... I feel pissed and very angry with Injustice 2...
    Different of Contest of Champions, when you get a duplicate hero, it just merge with your old one, in this specific case, Superman 2 stars...
    So. At the end, seems that nothing
    And you was not awarded at all.
    In MCC, if duplicate, the game gives some iso`s or other things in exchange.... And I don`t know how, I have 2 Colossus 1 star. I don`t sell to do a prank in battle...maybe I get a third one.... Lol
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