I’ve heard good things about this champion

I’ve heard he’s very effective. Can you confirm @Kabam Miike ?


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    It’s what the data showed.
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    How will those 18 champions be chosed? Will you choose, according to y'all standard, few *bad* pull, like a lottery ticket where it is a *better chance next time*. Because let's be honest, you can't really put in that crystal the top 18 you can think of everytime. But you guys can decide to put a few of those *bad* champs in it. Or along with that new crystal, are you guys planning to try to balance the tier list overall?

    We are using empirical data based on Champion performance in Alliance Quests and Alliance Wars to decide which Champions will be added to the Crystal. This means that while Player perception of the Champions may not always align, we are trying to avoid poor performing Champions in these Crystals.

    Try harder
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    Beast, Jane foster, Cyclops, Ronan, Loki, Phoenix, Venompool, civil warrior, ant man amongst the 18 best and most used in aq and aw? GTFOH! LMAO!
    Just talked to the team, and they are comfortable with sharing the list of Champions we plan to include in the first Featured Champion Crystal. It's important to note that this list could still potentially change a little before the release, but the selected Champions are based on empirical data showing their effectiveness as 5-Star Champions in both Alliance Quests and Alliance Wars.

    Cyclops (New Xavier School)
    Thor (Ragnarok)

    Agent Venom

    Thor (Jane Foster)
    Punisher (2099)
    Civil Warrior
    Doctor Octopus

    Bold Text denotes Featured Champions.

    I didn't say most used, but they are among the most effective. Cyclops actually scores very high on this list. There is a smaller group of players that use him, but they use him VERY effectively.

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    lol to this day it still boggles my mind how Cyclops can be used "effectively" there's literally nothing special about him, except maybe the crit through block.
    Congrats on completing your first LoL run tho!!
    A couple examples.


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    He's great for Crit, bright side. He was my last pull. Fortunately, I just pulled a 4* Night Thrasher, so I'm looking forward to using that Synergy.
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    Cyclops is not a good champ. Good for mutant critical synergies only. My first rank 4 5 star and lucky to be rank down forever.

    Congrats on the Lab good job. Now 100 percent
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