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4k prestige UK player

About me:
- Experienced player
- GMT timezone
- Prestige 4033 with 5 Rank5s and 1 rank 3 5*
- highly active player I am able to get on most times of the day

What I can Contribute:
- Good Map5 experience
- Able to clear paths on map 5 with no problems
- Can contribute fair share in all events

Looking for:
- AQ Map 5*5
- Top 800 Expert Tier
- Stable and Friendly long term alliance
- 2/3 wars per week teirs 3-6
- Alliance that wants to push in the prestige race and move to map 6

Communication Info:
In Game Name - coopers99
Line ID - coopers99


  • Fails69Fails69 Posts: 14
    We aren't quite to your level of needs yet. We have 2 BGs that clear map5. The 3rd is getting close. I am currently weeding through the ones in BG3 that aren't active enough.

    We are and old clan with more than half he members being in the ally for 2 years or more.

    The tag is FFA. Check us out.
    My Line ID and game ID is Fails69
  • GrimmGrimm Posts: 119
    I've reached out on Line.
    Let's talk.
  • Coopers99Coopers99 Posts: 6
    Bump still looking
  • GoChickensGoChickens Posts: 22
    We're doing a little less than what you're looking for in AQ, rank about 2000 or so. Not in the prestige race but growing quickly.

    Alliance is Stark Tower, tag: !ST! If you're interested.
  • Coopers99Coopers99 Posts: 6
  • GrimmGrimm Posts: 119
    I reached out to you both in game and Line.
    If you are still looking ring me back. Line: theonegrimm
  • Chris_L_HChris_L_H Posts: 162
    Map 5x5 alliance, hitting around rank 1200. Aw tier 2 but only 2 bgs. Let me know if you're interested.
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