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I am able to R4 one of my 5 star champs. This will be the last one for ages as t2a are rather hard to come by for me. I also have a generic AG which I don't want to waste. I've narrowed it down to 3 champs, I'm leaning toward Hyperion as he is straightforward to use and packs a mean punch, but quite enjoy playing with KM. I know it's a nice dilemma to have but I need advice!

Dilemma 19 votes

Rank up Hyperion and awaken
52% 10 votes
Rank up Kilmonger and awaken
21% 4 votes
Rank up Captain America IW and awaken
21% 4 votes
Rank up Hyperion but awaken KM
5% 1 vote


  • Kobster84Kobster84 Posts: 2,898 ★★★★★
    If you can bring cap iw to a decent sig I’d go with him
  • Haggis_ballsHaggis_balls Posts: 24
    Could take KM to 138 and both Hype and Cap to about 60
  • FooshblalalaFooshblalala Posts: 277 ★★
    KM is the worst out of those options excluding defensive purpose. Hype>CAIW for attack but It would help to see your roster for more perspective.
  • PlagueisBanePlagueisBane Posts: 232
    edited December 2018
    My 1st 5* R5 was hyp and boy was it a bloody good decision. Even ran through ez LOL path w/ him and caiw, thor for buff duration synergy along w/ blade and SS for magik and WM.
  • Haggis_ballsHaggis_balls Posts: 24
    Thanks for input everyone, went with Hype....not regretting it so far! He is a beast!
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