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Does anyone know why some synergies will use some sort of text or buff to identify when they are active (like danger sense/Inhuman Royal Family/Champion of the universe) and while other do not?

The specific example is the synergy with Void and HawkEye or OGVision. Void starts fights against Avengers with FOV active, while any avenger in the team gets 15% attack increase. However, in the testing i saw there was no increase to damage that i noticed while using Avengers. Would it make sense to have an active fury buff that accompanies that synergy? and really any synergy for that matter so that players can have an idea if there is something active or not?


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    @OMC_Pinto To testt your synergy, select the champ you want to use and select “info” take a screen shot of your champion. Create the team you’d like to use and join a quest. Once inside the battle realm, select your champion again and hit “info”.

    With a 15% attack boost, you should notice the base attack of your champion has increased by 15%. If not, forward the screen shots to any MCOC moderater to let them know of this.
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    Any feedback Kabam?
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    Cool, so no feedback on why all synergies are not properly identified when in use...Got it.

    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Wolf
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    @OMC_Pinto As far as identified, I think the inhuman royal family synergy came out around the time AW def synergies were a question, so they tried something like that. An increase in attack cant be shown just by a fury because of how fury's can be interacted with. Some synergies CAUSE a buff, but not necessarily reflected by a buff.

    I definitely want to try this out now and see if I can find any numbers changing. Its obvious some synergies work, as they can be proven in LoL timers. But I wonder if there is a way to track it down otherwise for exact numbers
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    I think the 15% attack rating may be applied at the start of the fight
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    I was able to experiment later with HawkEye and did see that his bleed damage increased. So it does work at the start of each fight. However, I still would like to see something that identifies the synergy, like the inhuman royal family text appearing to begin the fight.

    Thank you @Primmer79
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    Synergy works I use it often my Hawkeye gets the 15% attk from void and 250 crit rate on basic attacks from cap i.w., tested it just now in r.o.l with and without void and it def works
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    Would be nice to see some kind of symbol or icon during fight though
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