Rare character crystal event would be awesome!

HeadrollerHeadroller Posts: 243
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Maestro, collector, kang, grandmaster, thanos original or infinity war( too OP?). Yes some top tier players have some of these but let’s move on!

Hear me out, I’m not suggesting this event would be to give us these champs as content clearing gods.

However, make the rewards for clearing this event one simple crystal and nothing more, one that contains an equal chance to obtain one of these champs as a 3*.....make an insanely hard version of the quest for a 4* version if you think it would be ok for the games meta.

Just having the ability to play these characters on some level in the game would be refreshing. Plus they are already created, so give some of the creator staff a holiday in January!



  • XxOriginalxXXxOriginalxX Posts: 1,325 ★★★
    Eh, collector and grandmaster, idk, Kang, Deadpool classic, Thanos and Maestro? Maybe? Good idea though
  • AnkalagonnAnkalagonn Posts: 528 ★★
    Yup really good idea. Even as small tokens we could get those characters on version 2*
  • Sundance_2099Sundance_2099 Posts: 1,115 ★★★
    doubt you'd ever get a playable omni class champion like Maestro or Collector for keeps.

    A special quest thing where you could get 3* Thanos, Kang, Immortal Iron Fist or Ultron Classic could be done though.
  • D_S_D_S_ Posts: 159
    @Sundance_2099 shouldn't be done for iron fist immortal
  • D_S_D_S_ Posts: 159
    Maybe for Deadpool
  • BooperXLBooperXL Posts: 38
    I think Weapon X would be cool.
  • HeadrollerHeadroller Posts: 243
    BooperXL wrote: »
    I think Weapon X would be cool.

    Ahhh yes I forgot about him!
  • Tim1234Tim1234 Posts: 126
    Nice idea
  • Tim1234Tim1234 Posts: 126
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    Can it also be done for arenas that would be nice, instead of playing across different arenas to get a champion why not play in one arena but different milestones to get the champ at different star ratings
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