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Give people a second chance, BUT not a third.

(Note* Pls moderators,)

before closing this thread down. its not about asking out something it's about discussing and sharing my and many others point of view of mistakes and second chances. I believe i have the priority since i was a part of this community for 10 months.

*If a discussion that is connected with this game isn't allowed here than where else?

Thanks for understanding.

What the recent ban wave belongs, i truly Support the action even if I'm affected personally.

I'm not really questioning why I'm being banned. I trust the game team and that 99% of the banned accounts are being executed correctly.

Sometimes you never are aware of your actions until you live it's aftermath.

I remember downloading this game 10 months ago when i was waiting on the airport for my flight which was delayed for 2 hrs. For the only matter of making those 2hrs pass faster. But I felt in love with it and with the community. It has become more than a game through the time, I invested a lot of time and money on my account and besides that found new friends and and a new gaming family with it being my alliance.

As strong as I support the permanent ban BUT was it the last resort?

I would accept any warning which includes 1 month restrictions or even 1 year without being able to play this game. With deleting 1-2months of game progression since I'm pretty sure the game-history of every account is available to the game developers.

BUT was it the Last option Kabam? Was it the last option to remove long time players who did spend up to 10hrs a day playing the game or even invested money into it.?

Do you think a player has the will do start from zero again ? Are you aware of how much time and grind it takes to achieve a 200k+ rated account?

**SECOND CHANCE aspect, none in this world is perfect, we do mistakes we forgive we give second chances no matter in which aspect.

Where is the chance of redemption where is the chance to be show that it will never happen again, where is the chance to re-join my alliance my game family?

"If it happens once blame on you , if it happens twice blame on me". I don't think the one who really values this game will do the mistakes twice.

I remember people talking about getting banned for up to 2 months, and getting game progression deleted for that time of when the cheat was executed.

But what for the new players after that period of time, where is the chance for us to redeem ourselves?

I really miss my alliance, i miss my marvel family.

As for joining with a new account is impossible since we all know how difficult it is to grow in the same level as they are now.

Sorry for my mistakes, sorry that I wasn't aware on how much i will miss this game,

I know that the ban decision will never be rethought again.

But I needed to talk my feelings out.

None will understand until you are living it, time will pass with me or without me in this game.

However, thanks for the experience Kabam, thanks for bringing me new friends. Thanks for making me a every day-gamer without me being one at all,

I will miss my alliance , i will miss the struggle and the joy moments with them. I feel sorry for letting them down, i was not aware until it happened.

Sorry Kabam, sorry my brothers in Arms MH23,

Until next life, Peace.

doesn't mean accepting someone's apology,
It means understanding fully that a person
made a mistake but is worthy of a Second Chance.


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    Thanks for the comments, everyone's opinion is respected no matter if it's positive or negative.
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    Money or time playing doesn't protect you from gettin ban. Thats how honest game companys work.
    Hackers or mod users already know that what they are doong is wrong, and that they should wait for the worst to happen.
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