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Chat ban for no reason

Hello all question about chat if you could help been playing this game for a few years now I love it that much I made a 2nd acc but for some reason 3days ago I couldn’t msg in chat & as the leader I’m the main communicator & we don’t use line how can I talk to them if I can’t chat , I msg Kabam they say 72hr ban for either spamming bad lauguage etc but I never spam or use profound language why would I as the leader I need everyone backing me not talking down to them I really can’t work it out unless they ban you for saying the word but that gets censored which is crazy when ppl say all sorts in global & I can’t wish anyone Merry Xmas or thank them for gifting event lol ... anyone had this before or know any solutions?? many thanks


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    Using profound language won't get you banned... Sorry. Hate to be That Guy lol
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    Hey there, HandOfMight.

    Unfortunately, we aren't able to assist with account specific issues here on the Forums, as the moderation team don't have access to player accounts, which means we can't see what has happened to your in-game Chat.

    The best thing in this case would be to direct any further questions you may have to the Support Team, as they're much better equipped to advise in this situation.

    As we're unable to assist further here on the Forums, this particular thread will be closed.
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