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Gifts on Special occasion



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    Man I hope next year kabam makes a post saying you didnt appreciate last year so this year were just going to end all calendars sorry we tried but dont see a point in giving you stuff if you cant appreciate it anyways

    Is this because your dad didn’t hug you as a child

    He died in a war. But hey let's take this personal

    That explains a lot then
  • It is a shame that the collective whole has let there voice be heard about rank down tickets and still nothing done about it but lesser gifting crystal is a spit in the face as the mystery gift. Especially for the players that have put money and effort into this game. Maybe for the 5 year anniversary we will get 10 lesser gifting crystals instead of 5 smh kabam
  • Closing this thread down due to the personal attacks going on in this thread getting out of hand.
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