A Change For In-Game Global “Chat”

I am here to plead a case to rework the current system for Global Chat in-game, and really, I don’t think it’s that hard to implement. The current system is not working, most of global is arguing, seeing how unique you can be to bypass censors to use slurs, and spamming- recruitment and bots. Everyone is aware of it and I think I have a good fix.

What do we really want global for? Non-spammy recruitment. I think all chat should be stripped away as the community is shown it cannot be civil at all, and instead replaced by recruitment-only messages. Alliance leaders and officers can fill-in predetermined boxes for each of the more common requirements, I.e. minimum stats, activity, communication requirements, etc., each person would have a 15 minute period between each message to prevent spam.

Personally, I think this would be the best fix for the broken system that is global. Maybe it isn’t, I’m open to suggestions.


  • D_S_D_S_ Posts: 159
    That really wouldn't work there's so many recruiters that your recruit message would be gone in 3 minutss and you can't post again for 15?
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