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Alliance war matchmaking solution?

Mr_ChrisMr_Chris Posts: 109
edited December 2018 in General Discussion
After spending the last few seasons in a Platinum 1 alliance that is on the verge of master rank this season I’ve had a lot of time to think about how Kabam could fix the shell alliance issues as well as the matchmaking times exploit to avoid other top alliances. I think it’s fairly simple.

Swiss pairing during season would allow you to match based on season records followed up by the war ratings system we use now.

This way shell alliances would be unable to arrange matches with winning record alliances late in the season and undefeated alliances will be assured matchups against their closest rivals. The rest would be matched with alliances with a closer record to their own in the middle of the pack. Win bonuses can also add in a win streak bonus so that tanking wars early to get easier matchups did not occur.

Further wars could always begin searching and end in a standardized time like aq. To account for timezones the defensive placement phase could be shortened to 12-18 hours and the remaining 30-36 hours designated for a longer attack phase.

I’d love feedback or suggestions and I hope Kabam sees this and considers it.

Thanks for reading!


  • Would be nice to see Kabam actually do something to fix these problems. Seems nobody in masters has the balls to face each other and would rather hunt shell/baby alliances to force as many nodes left up as possible to try and take top spot. It’s sad really.
  • Mr_ChrisMr_Chris Posts: 109
    It’s not really the case for most master alliances . We’ve fought Jedi knights (number 1 currently ) wah! Jokers a couple of the master alliances with Chinese names (sorry don’t know what they say)) summoners forge , 4loki etc and that’s just this season. So nearly all the time masters alliances are fighting master alliances or top end p1 alliances close to masters.

    The problem is at the very top where those in line for top 3 rewards can dodge each other by arrangement or collude to fight a shell alliance to try and jump standings.

    Having faced wah and Jedi knights I can tell you I feel they are clean playing and incredibly skilled. To be honest I feel they’ll probably win against anyone they fight until they fight another top 5 alliance.

    I just feel that a blind universal matchmaking time will allow for cleaner competition and although it won’t be as easy for those who want to play like Floyd Mayweather and duck real challenge fights, they might ultimately enjoy proving they are the best. I’ve had fun this season even though a lot of them beat us .
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