Poll on summoner max level (60)

I’m taking a poll on what us as a community think about our “summoner level”. When we reach level 60 that’s the max and cannot be moved anymore. How many think that they should concentrate on making adjustments on this for the ones maxed out so we can continue to grow and enjoy the game more? I know I’m maxed out and still get the xp boost that are worthless but can be sold for gold. The game has 6* champs now so it would come to think they would up the “summoner level” and maybe incorporate more storage space in our inventory. Please vote and leave your comments, good, bad or otherwise. The polls are the best form of information we can give the developers and to have our voice heard on the matter. Thank you for participating in the poll.

Poll on summoner max level (60) 116 votes

Summoner level is fine at level 60 and isn’t a big issue. I’m happy with it.
17% 20 votes
Summoner level isn’t fine at level 60 and needs to be moved up so people maxed out can continue to grow and the game won’t become stale. I’m not happy with it.
65% 76 votes
Undecided on subject.
17% 20 votes


  • Bear3Bear3 Posts: 996 ★★
    Think the max level should be upped once they introduce the new masteries that there is empty spaces for to the far right side. Don’t think there should be more mastery points available at this point. Makes people choose the combination of benefits they want.
  • FrankCYoungFrankCYoung Posts: 194
    Please place your votes and comments on the matter, this is a long forgotten subject and a lot of people would like to get this problem addressed. Thank you for your participation.
  • Maverick75Maverick75 Posts: 161
    More levels would be fine only for mastery points. But kabam doesn’t want to give us more points in order to maintain differents masteries style and to make us decide. A decision that we can understabd, even if I’d like to have 3-5 more points :-)
  • NoOnexRONoOnexRO Posts: 225
    It would be nice just to transform 10% of the experience gained into gold - once you reach level 60.
  • Priest64Priest64 Posts: 38
    I wish they would just convert the EXP that you would get/earn into gold! Make it a 3X times the EXP into gold. That'll do for me.
  • 4rytm4rytm Posts: 1
    I want more!
  • This game needs better ways to gain items for upgrades and leveling up
  • Webby72Webby72 Posts: 137 ★★
    I’d like to see more levels, but no extra mastery points, or very few extra points. We don’t need more mastery points, but rather allowing more energy and great rewards whenever you level up. That’s just my opinion however
  • Blax4everBlax4ever Posts: 683 ★★★
    Dead Horse
  • Getting xp and leveling up was probably the most enjoyable part of this game. I’ve been maxed out for nearly 2 years and it’s conpelely ridiculous that they’ve never upped the max. It is such s central point to any game like this one.
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 4,858 ★★★★★
    I'm fine with 60 though it would be fun to be able to get more levels. Probably they'd just make longer quests though.
  • If they change the level 60 to maybe something higher.. What's gonna happen to all the players who have been at level 60 for months or even years.. It's gonna be a total mess if they change that
  • Parodical_Sun1Parodical_Sun1 Posts: 99
    I was thinking the same thing unless some finishes the EQ then leveling up in mastery tree, is not gonna happen after reaching max level 60. Truth is gaining 5* and 6* champions becomes more differcult to obtain as well as leveling them up.
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