Former Plat 3 Alliance - Current Gold 1 Alliance Looking for 2 Members

Just as the title says. Two seasons prior to this one we were Plat 3. Hit a few bumps and ended up in Gold 1 this season. Looking to replace 2 members who have gotten burnt out and are retiring. Contact me on Line Chat, Line ID: justapilgrim118.

We are an AQ Map 5 x 5 alliance and always hit in the top 350 consistently. Donations are 133k gold, 29k battle chips and 12.5k loyalty. We are currently in Tier 4 for war, but have been in low Tier 3 in the recent past.

We are a mix of European and American players, and work around timezones.


  • Look me up. Line ID is douhearwhatihear

    I’ll send you a friend request IG so you know what I look like.
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