A question to Devs: was gifting event a good thing for game balance?

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I know this is a pretty crazy example, but take into consideration also this. Was it the right choiche to have this kind of gifting event? Let's see:

-Top 1 took the equivalente of what, 3-4 seasons wins rewards? Without any need of using one single boost or place top 3 in season.
- Even if that amount is an exageration, pretty much whoever whaled out for this event has free rankups for several months in a row without any need to play competitive content at all.
- Meanwhile, normal spenders or normal players keep investing several amounts of resources-time-money in Seasons with less than 1/1000 of returns.
- Let's leave aside the tons of Awakening Gems for 5* normal players will keep dreaming of.
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It's a year we're talking about balancing out the game, balancing out the "luck" component and the randomness, and "offer the same chanches to everyone" despite the spending cap. WIth a single month event you managed to completely obliterate whatsoever little balance was left (you already have killed it with AQ changes and upcoming map7).

SO my questions, humbly, are:

1: DO you think this was the right choiche for the game progression?

2)how you think this will impact players will to play, and need to keep up after gifting event?

3)Do you think Seasons are still interesting for us top tiers when offers and gifting alone covered this year for over 150% of the rewards of One ally supposing said ally scored Top 3 for 6 seasons in a row?

4) Do you -honestly- think you overdid?

thanks for your time.

And ofc, discuss everyone


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    why do people think Kabam's primary motivation is game balance? Kabam is a business. Like most businesses, its primary goal is to make money. Ergo, gifting event is a complete success. It is also a fun event for the vast majority of people actually playing this game, who don't particularly care to see everything in the game designed solely around what is best for the 300 people in the top 10 alliances.
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    Im dont Care he Can stil rank op almost everthimy witout that ggc it just help him to get more rank4 5 Star stil balance. We all ikow who it is im dont Care im dont hav to copit with him he is a whal Can buy every thing. So. Im dont find it unfair either
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    bro, i hear you but you have got to understand why in the world would Kabam do anything about this? If you work for Kabam, your salary is contingent upon how much revunue is brought in, why wouldnt you try and maximize it?
    It sucks, it doesnt seem fair but when you own your own business, you can do what you want.
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    BUT! I will say balance is gone, the game has completely shifted into pay to win. Period. Either pay with hard earned cash, or grind your face off in arena. Either way your paying with currency or your time. Most ppl pick currency, cause you cant get time back.
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    Mods are not devs. They watch the forums, they don't make content for the game. Even if they were devs, do you really think they'd come on here and say "yup, this was all intended to make the top tier people better"?
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    Game balance? you know it is a company right? thier only priority is to make money, secondary is make sure customer stays.

    Take cowhale who can do what he want with his money spending 80 000-100 000 dollar during gifting event....then his normal 8000 each week....he buy what he want and max what he want, there is no game balance, if you can spend money you can pay2win.
    A good REAL game is around 60 dollar.....
    this is a mobile phone game....

    dont expect game balance, kabam does not even match war by size of alliances
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