Iso-8(How can I get it to level up 4 stars?)

So I want to know how to earn iso-8 (525 rocks plus) do that i can rank up my 4 and 5 star champions. I have this problem and i'm not sure of the most efficient and effective way to get iso-8. Please leave below some helpful ways to earn it. Thank you flr helping.


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    Do act 4 and get duplicate 4* and 5* champions from the crystals
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    Hey Domizthebest!

    As RaveNN mentioned, going through Act 4 is a good way to get hold of a decent amount of Basic ISO-8.
    If you're not yet at that stage in the game, another beneficial method would be to focus on collecting PHC Shards, as well as 3* Shards, as these will give class-specific ISO-8 upon duplicating a Champion, as well as grant Shards toward the next Tier of Crystal.

    The reason I mention this is because you get more value for the Gold that you spend when using Class ISO-8 (When used on the correct Class, as there's a bonus amount granted, which isn't the case with Basic ISO-8. e.g. Red on Skill, Green on Science).

    You can gather these through completing Quests in the game, or by using your Champions in the Arenas.

    I'm sure our community could think of more great ways to gather ISO-8, but in the meantime, I hope this helps a little!

    Edit: I've also moved this thread over to the Strategy and Tips section for better visibility.
  • Thank you for the help guys!
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