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New to the game need help

I'm new to the game and I was wondering what's the best way to get heroes? Also which one is better 3 star Morro or 3 star massacre. I would appreciate any tips. Thank you.


  • ElwixElwix Posts: 54
  • Hey there, Fad3_galaxy_07_!

    Firstly, welcome to The Contest and Forums!

    The best way to get Heroes is by completing content to build an initial stash of Crystals, as well as Crystal Shards.
    Going through Story Mode will yield some of these, as well as going through the monthly Event Quests.

    You can tap 'View Rewards' to get an idea of what you can expect to receive for both completion (Beating the map once), as well as Exploration (Finishing the map 100%).

    In addition to this, as many of your Champions are likely to be completely new upon opening Crystals, I'd personally advise against selling them. If you pull that Champion a second time, you duplicate them, which grants extra Crystal Shards.

    For example, if I have a 2* Wolverine and pull another 2* Wolverine, he will then become "Awakened", which will unlock his signature ability. In addition, I'd receive 55 3* Crystal Shards, which will go toward completing a 3* Crystal.

    When you have a nice little collection of Champions, it's a good idea to check out some of the Arenas, as the milestones there often contain more Crystal shards, which you can collect to get more Champions. Summoner Trials is an excellent choice for this when you're newer to the game.

    We hope this helps!
  • scxoxoscxoxo Posts: 109
    grind arena if you have enough champs and time, join a good alliance for shards and rewards (which is good if you don’t have time to grind arena or do quests every day), complete monthly event quests for rewards, progress theough story quests and explore them. don’t sell your champs, don’t use your units to buy premiums, save them for masteries and later on, potions and revives
    personally i find joining a good alliance most helpful, since you get shards in war and from alliance events, and other helpful resources. good luck!
  • Scxoxo I'm not in a good clan because I couldn't find any other clan. I spent ages but nothing came up?
  • ManChildManChild Posts: 608 ★★★
    Just focus on yourself for now. Join an alliance that requires nothing but you to be in it. Join aq if you want. Just focus on story mode event quest for a bit. The alliance stuff will fall into place as you grow. You will see people “advertising” and your roster will eventually match up.
  • scxoxoscxoxo Posts: 109
    Scxoxo I'm not in a good clan because I couldn't find any other clan. I spent ages but nothing came up?

    if you can’t find any good alliance, try seeing if anyone’s recruiting for someone at your level. if you still can’t find any, focus on building your roster and becoming a stronger player so alliances will take you. if you’re still a fresh beginner, at least complete act 3 to really start gaining momentum in 3/4* champs
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