8k+ prestige looking for plat 2 alliance

Hello, I am an experienced map 5x5 player with experience of map 6 as well. I always clear my paths with zero item use all 5 days. I am a medusa boss killer in AW. I currently have 2 r5 5* champs which are iceman and gwenpool and r4 champs including vision OG, Captain marvel, void, quake and blade. Will be taking void to r5 now.
My prestige is 8k+ and have completed 2 paths in LOL and 1st entire chapter in variant quest. For mastery i have MD, Assassin at 5/5 and bleed at 4/5.
Also a big arena grinder.
Looking for plat 2 alliance with aq rank 250 and above.
Contact me on LINE: ajaved11


  • Shanetwo1Shanetwo1 Posts: 142
    What is your in game name?
  • AjavedAjaved Posts: 50
  • Husky54Husky54 Posts: 244 ★★
    LOL. This guy just bailed on us with no explanation, no warning, mid AQ. He then lied to our officers saying he had to leave us to help a friend's alliance.
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