Connection issues

Why is it after I updated, I am facing long load times and constant connection issue msgs, it’s not my internet or my data connection and multiple people in my ally are facing the same issue. I have the brand new iPhone XS and it feels like I’m playing on my galaxy s5. Any help from mods would be great cheers!!!!


  • Solrac_2Solrac_2 Posts: 370
    Almost everyone in my ally is seeing the same recent connection issues. I'm on a Galaxy Note 8 and it feels like I'm playing on an overheating iPhone 8.
  • Im getting this as well
  • QuikPikQuikPik Posts: 133
    I am constantly getting these connection messages that it's making the load times feel like I'm on Android.
  • ChenChen Posts: 99
    They’ve optimized the Android version and nerfed the iPhone. J/k. Lots of ppl complaining about longer load times and network issues but mods are asking for the same generic info to try to understand the issue.
  • Same problem. When I navigate the menu tabs. When I level up. When I rank up. When I begin a fight. When a fight ends. It’s practically a connectivity issue every time I try to do something in the game, besides purchase units, of course. No connectivity issues then. It’s been since the update prior to last months event quest, but this month is even worse. I wasn’t even experiencing the lag that people seemed to have such a problem with Darkhawk, but now it’s becoming as disruptive as last summer’s over heating issue. @Kabam Miike this isn’t an issue on our end, it’s a Kabam issue. Is this being looked in to?
  • Zuko_ILCZuko_ILC Posts: 824
    Every arena fight I get the error message! I used to be able to do 30 fights an hour now im averaging 15. As a heavy arena grinder and spender if this isn't fixed soon theres no way I'm playing arenas anymore. Its too frustrating. Fix the issue already!
  • _GRINDER__GRINDER_ Posts: 338
    So many connection issues on android . I am fedup
  • It's bad on both platforms. It was getting bad last month but now it's absolutely horrible. I waited over a minute to get my rewards after finishing an EQ. I'm either looking at a spinning circle or that darn network connection box. It not my devices or internet. Something Kabam needs to fix ASAP.
  • It’s frustrating how this happens after each update and actually since two updates remains bad even for a long time after. Either there is 0 learning curve or it’s intentional. By now one should have figured out how to solve it. Really not acceptable at this rate.
  • It is happening here too I get scared when it pop out when I'm in fight
  • Hey guys, I'm sorry to hear you've encountered some connection issues since updating to the most recent version of the game. If you haven't already, please take a moment to share your feedback in THIS discussion.

    Thank you very much in advance!
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